Tell el-Fārʿah (South): Analyses of Archaeozoological Finds

Funding of Archaeozoological Research

Gunnar Lehmann (Beer-Sheva)

Stepped trench

Stepped trench

From 1998 until 2002, archaeological excavations took place at Tell el-Fārʿah (South). Gunnar Lehman (Ben-Gurion University; Beersheba) directed the project in cooperation with Tammi J. Schneider (Claremont Graduate University, California, USA) und H. Michael Niemann (Universität Rostock). The excavations unearthed layers from the Middle Bronze Age through the Roman Period.

With the funding from the Deutscher Palästina-Verein, archaeozoological investigations were undertaken by Edward Maher (University of Chicago, USA). The archaeozoological remains of Tell el-Far’ah (South) correspond to those from other sites in the area. However, it is remarkable that during the Iron Age I the fauna of Tell el-Fārʿah (South) was different than that of Philistine sites, notwithstanding the fact that the material culture of Tell el-Fārʿah (South) was strongly influenced by the Philistine culture during this time.

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