Inhalt von ZDPV 138 (2022)

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  • al-Daire, J.

    Lights on the Iron Age Pottery from the 1963–1983 Excavations at Kāmid el-Lōz, Lebanon

  • Wolff, S.R.

    Šūnī Quarry Excavations (Israel): The Iron Age I Remains

  • Wightman, G.J.

    Defending the Middle Ground. The Walls of Jerusalem in Iron Age I and IIA

  • Singer-Avitz, L.

    Interpreting the Seventh Century B.C.E.: The Use and Misuse of Seventh Century B.C.E. Pottery in Judah

  • Burdajewicz, J.M.

    Floor Mosaics in the North-West Church at Hippos (Sussita)

  • Lewis, R.Y./A. Erlich/R.S. Evyasaf/M. Birkenfeld

    An Assemblage of Metal Artifacts on the Hill of Šeḫ Abrēk (Beth Sheʿarim), Its Landscape and Archaeological Context

  • 122

    Davis, Andrew R., Reconstructing the Temple. The Royal Rhetoric of Temple Renovation in the Ancient Near East and Israel (New York 2019). Rez. H. Pfeiffer

  • 124

    Sartre-Fauriat, Annie/Maurice Sartre, Inscriptions grecques et latines de la Syrie. Volume XVI. L’Auranitide. 1. Qanawāt (Canatha) et la bordure nord-ouest du Jebel al-ʿArab. Nos 1 à 303 (Bibliothèque archéologique et historique 219; Beyrouth 2020). 2. Suweidāʾ (Dionysias) et la bordure ouest du Jebel al-ʿArab. Nos 304 à 474 (Bibliothèque archéologique et historique 220; Beyrouth 2020). Rez. A. Kubiak-Schneider

  • 127

    Petersen, Andrew /Denys Pringle (ed.), Ramla. City of Muslim Palestine, 715 –1917. Studies in History, Archaeology and Architecture (Archaeopress Archaeology; Oxford 2021). Rez. H. Nol

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