Tell Burak I

Jens Kamlah and Hélène Sader (eds.)

Tell el-Burak I. The Middle Bronze Age

With Chapters Related to the Site and to the Mamluk-Ottoman Periods

A unique Monumental Building dating to the early part of the Middle Bronze Age (ca. 1900–1700 BCE) was uncovered at the southern Lebanese coast by the joint Lebanese-German excavation project at Tell el-Burak. The impressive architecture of the building was exposed in eight excavation seasons during the years 2001–2011. Inside the largest room of the Monumental Building (Room 10) the excavations brought to light the discovery of Middle Bronze Age mural paintings in situ on lime plaster covering the inner faces of the mud-brick walls. This volume consists of the final publication of all excavation results concerning the Middle Bronze Age at Tell el- Burak (Area 1 and Area 2). It furthermore includes an introduction to the joint Lebanese-German excavation project, chapters relating to the site, and the final publication of the excavated remains of the Mamluk-Ottoman Periods in Area 1. The Tell el-Burak publication series will be continued within the ADPV series by volumes presenting the Iron Age results of the Lebanese-German excavation project.

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ISBN: 978-3-447-10781-5

Year: 2019

XIV, 618 pages, numerous ill., 40 tables, 35 folding maps in a slipcase,

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