Ḫirbet ez-Zeraqōn: Publication of Early Bronze Age Fortifications

Support to Finalize the Figures and Plates of the Volume

Siegfried Mittmann (Tübingen); Moawiah Ibrahim (Amman)



Ḫirbet ez-Zeraqōn was a small urban settlement (ca. 7 ha) of the Early Bronze Age II – III period in Northern Jordan. It was excavated from 1984 to 1994 by S. Mittmann (Tübingen) and M. Ibrahim (Irbid). Two large areas were investigated, the Lower City (with domestic dwellings) and the Upper City (with a palace and a temple district).

The settlement was surrounded by a 4 – 5m broad fortification wall. Of special interest are two city gates. The architecture and stratigraphy of the gates is very complex. They attest to (beside their fortificational function) aspects of civic life. The chambers of the gate feature benches and magazines, showing that the access to the city was controlled. Thanks to the financial support of the Deutscher Palästina-Verein all illustrations and plans were prepared for the final publication of the fortifications in the Upper City by Khaled Douglas.

Further Information
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