Inhalt von ZDPV 132 (2016)

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  • Halayqa, L.K.H.

    A New lmlk Jar Handle from Hirbet Qīla

  • Kanzler, H.

    Medieval Town Structures of Arsur on the Basis of Non-Invasive Methods. Results of a German-Israeli Project Collaboration

  • Kleiman, S./Y. Gadot/O. Lipschits

    A Snapshot of the Destruction Layer of Tell Zakarīye/Azekah Seen against the Backdrop of the Final Days of the Late Bronze Age

  • Lichtenberger, A./R. Raja

    Ǧeraš in the Middle Islamic Period. Connecting Texts and Archaeology through New Evidence from the Northwest Quarter

  • Schroer, S.

    Drei Stempelsiegelamulette aus Ḫirbet Qēyafa

  • Shai, I./H.J. Greenfield/A. Brown/S. Albaz/A.M. Maeir

    The Importance of the Donkey as a Pack Animal in the Early Bronze Age Southern Levant: A View from Tell es-Sāfī/Gath

  • Spathi, M.G.

    The Small Finds from the Archaeological Excavations in 2010 underneath the Church of the Redeemer in the Old City of Jerusalem

  • 82

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  • 84

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  • 175

    Petter, T. D., The Land between the Two Rivers. Early Israelite Identities in Central Transjordan (Winona Lake 2014). Rez. E. Gass

  • 180

    Strange, J. (ed.), Tall al-Fukhār. Results from Excavations in 1990–93 and 2002 (Proceedings of the Danish Institute in Damascus 9; Aarhus 2015). Rez. T. Bürge

  • 95

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  • 86

    Weiss, Z., Public Spectacles in Roman and Late Antique Palestine (Revealing Antiquity 21; Cambridge, London 2014). Rez. R. Gogräfe

  • 90

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  • 183

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